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Don Klinger,PhD

Dr. Don Klinger was a former member of the Queen’s Assessment and Evaluation Group. He is currently a Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Division of Education at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Don’s research focuses heavily on the formative and summative methods used to measure student outcomes, and the resulting decisions and actions made. This work primarily resides within public education and professional learning contexts (teacher and medical education), and classroom and large-scale assessment from both practical and policy perspectives. His contributions are highly valued due to both his psychometric interests (item response theory, generalizability theory, and hierarchical linear models) and understanding of policy and the integration of assessment within varied contexts.

Recently, Don’s research has focused on equity and access to learning, and the role of formative assessment to increase learner outcomes in challenging learning contexts (medical residents; rural Tanzania; non-academic programs). Throughout, he builds connections across academic and professional communities to promote research dissemination, understanding, and use to improve educational systems.

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