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Collaborative scholarship in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization

Our Collaborative Approach

Collaboration drives our inquiry approach. The AEG regularly engages in collaborative research, evaluation, and consulting activities. Our aim is to support educational organizations in generating essential information to guide evidence-based decision-making that support learning. Working collaboratively with our partners throughout the inquiry process, we ensure that research meets needs and yields productive outcomes.

We work collaboratively with educational partners, agencies, and teams to conduct:
  • Program evaluations and reviews across sectors (education, health, business, etc.) and contexts (nationally and internationally)

  • Professional development for teachers and system leaders in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization

  • Test design, development, and validation

  • Analysis of test and assessment data

  • Program development and support

  • Language testing and certification test development

  • Development of assessment tools for research and classroom use

  • Knowledge mobilization strategies

Our Workshops

The AEG offers customizable professional development workshops to support organizational growth and development in the following areas:

  • Classroom and school district assessment practices: build tests and rubrics; analyze test data; making meaning from assessment data

  • Designing assessment programs for classrooms, schools, and districts

  • Program evaluation practices that yield localized evidence to drive institutional decision-making

  • Large-scale and examination design, evaluation, and validation

  • Program evaluation: program development; program improvement; and program reviews

  • Knowledge mobilization: strategy building, comprehensive KMb planning, and KMb reviews

Our Partnerships

The AEG has collaborated with the following organizations to support research and professional development in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization: 

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