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Collaborative scholarship in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization

Established in 2002, the Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) centres collaborative scholarship to engage in innovative research to contribute to knowledge in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. Our research, services, and educational programming promote learning and improving educational systems through rigorous research and effective community engagement. Our work is predicated on the belief that high-quality assessment and evaluation are drivers of meaningful educational change. We offer ongoing events for sharing experiences, knowledge, and advice amongst AEG members to encourage growth in scholarship and our collective research interests.



These events facilitate knowledge exchange and discussions on research and academia. The Assessment Connections workshops stand out as a premier opportunity to explore assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization, welcoming both senior graduate students and faculty members. These events are open to graduate students, faculty members, and teacher candidates.



G2G provides grad-to-grad support to AEG students. These events facilitate engaging opportunities for grad-to-grad conversations with more experienced students. They develop individual and collective capacity and cultivate professional networks among the AEG community. These events are only open to graduate students.



Community building events catalyze fostering collaboration among all AEG members, nurturing a sense of community, providing an enjoyable atmosphere for participants and building a strong sense of belongingness. These events are open to graduate students, faculty members, and teacher candidates.

Upcoming Events

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Culturally Relevant and Responsive Large-Scale Assessments: Opportunities and Challenges

Derek Chen, Chief Equity and Assessment Officer

V. West, Equity Education Officer

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)

May 1, 2024 at 2:00 PM

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