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Transforming Assessment e-Course

Assessment is the cornerstone of teaching and learning and the foundation for meaningful educational change. This self-paced professional learning course provides higher education instructors with the opportunity to transform their approach to assessment—building on existing assessment knowledge and skills, reflecting on foundational assessment principles, exploring contemporary assessment strategies, and creating new assessments to support students’ learning and achievement across a variety of teaching contexts.

Time Commitment

The course is self-paced. The times below provide estimates of approximately how long it will take to complete each module. Workbook activities and independent reading/study will require additional time.

Getting Started Module: Approx. 60 minutes

Module 1: Approx. 150 minutes

Module 2: Approx. 180 minutes

Module 3: Approx. 110 - 150 minutes

Wrapping Up Module : Approx. 60 minutes


A downloadable certificate is unlocked and can be downloaded after completion of each module.


There is no fee or cost for this course. 

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