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Lyn Shulha,PhD

Dr. Lyn Shulha was a founding member of the Queen’s Assessment and Evaluation Group. She is a Professor Emerita, Queen’s University. Her research advanced theories and practices in program evaluation.

Lyn Shulha joined the Faculty of Education in 1992 after degrees at McMaster, Western, Queen’s, and the University of Virginia (PhD in Educational Evaluation). Five years as a classroom teacher triggered her interest in student assessment; work as a planner of educational and social programs led her naturally to program evaluation.

Lyn was a founding member of this Faculty’s Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) supervising masters and doctoral students in these areas. Her undergraduate and graduate courses in classroom assessment examined the use of assessment to stimulate, support, monitor and make judgments about the quality of learning . Graduate courses in evaluation theory and practice were informed by Lyn’s program of research in participatory evaluation and evaluation use. Working with colleagues from the American Evaluation Association, Lyn conducted research into the principles of collaborative evaluation.

Lyn Shulha, PhD
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